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The YASSMANI housing of Port- Gentil GABON is located in the port area of the town that is only 5 minutes away driving from the airport and the city. The accommodation is located near a very nice tropical garden. A beach is located at only 2km away from YASSMANI, where you can find white sand all the way, clear water with its bar restaurant, and the best part is that you have only one road to take that connects you to the beach, the port and the city of Port- Gentil.


  • Private and secured parking
  • Security guards at the main entrance 24/7 ( guards day and night )
  • Security cameras
  • Located in the port area (business area )
  • Beach at 2 km
  • Emergency generator
  • Compressor and generator

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YASSMANI, is a complex of 44 furnished apartments intended for short and long rental periods :

  • 33 studio apartments: a bedroom, a bathroom, a living-room, a kitchen.
  • 8 residential houses with two bedrooms, a bathroom, a living-room, a kitchen.
  • 3 residential houses with 4 bedrooms, a bathroom, a living-room, a kitchen, and a terrace.
  • One of these houses has a swimming-pool.


All of our flats are fitted with luxury and modern furnitures, individual air-conditioning system, all home appliances: a fridge, a gas cooker, kitchen utensils, optical fiber WIFI internet connection, DSTV and CANALSAT channels, and electric supply.


You have the advantage of all housewives, watchmen, and hotel services 24/7. All houses are provided with the same equipments and services.

Our lodgings are regularly disinfected against mosquitoes, and other harmful small insects and animals in order to warrant a healthy comfort. Units include generators and tanks and suppressors.

The resort is equipped with surveillance cameras for your safety.

The laundry service is available every day except Sundays and holidays .


 Private guarded parking is available to customers, day and night.

The minimum requirement for a rental is 1 month.

For further information contact: sci-yassmani@hotmail.fr.



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Port-Gentil is a calm city with a tropical season characterized by a dry season ( June-September) and a rainy season the rest of the year. It’s bordered by wonderful beaches: Cap Lopez and SOGARA.


During the dry season humpbacked whales come to copulate in Port Gentil’s bay. It’s then easy and possible to observe them very closely. July and August are the best periods.

Léon Mba avenue is the main road. It entirely crosses the town and splits into two parts. On one side there is the downtown with the banks, the supermarkets, the major shops, clinics, and offices. The second side is the residential districts and slums with the major part of the population living there.

There is no road between Libreville, the capital city and Port-Gentil. The traffic between the two cities is by plane or boat. Goods and other basic commodities are conveyed mainly by boat, which leads to the development of the harbor installations and consequently creates employments and new jobs.

Port-Gentil is also the economical capital city of Gabon. It is the heart of the Gabonese industries: the Gabonese unique oil refinery (SOGARA) and major naval base are located in Port-Gentil which produces three-fourths of the Gabon wealth.

More about Gabon

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